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Where do I get divorce papers from.

Where do I get divorce papers from

We will draft your divorce papers for you, all documents are reviewed by a divorce attorney.


You will qualify for a Diy Divorce if:

  1. Both the parties live in South Africa;
  2. You and your spouse agree on the settlement terms;
  3. No disputes regarding your children;
  4. If you and your spouse do not have immovable property registered on your names;
  5. You are willing to do all the admin yourself;

How do you start

  • Register with us
  • We will send you a quotation for R950-00
  • You can accept or decline
  • If you accept we will provide you with an invoice
  • Make payment and complete form 1 and 2
  • We will then start with the drafting of your divorce pack


What will you get

  • Summons and particulars of claim drafted by an attorney;
  • Deed of settlement based on your requirements;
  • Family Advocate affidavit ( If you have Minor children);
  • Statistic form to complete;
  • Step by step process to follow;
  • Telephonic support to assist you;
  • You will receive the divorce pack within 48H.

Why do I want to do a Self Help Divorce

  • Cost effective;
  • You have control over the process;
  • All documents are drafted by an a divorce attorney;
  • We will forward to you to review documentation and we will make changes at no extra cost;
  • Step by step process to follow;


What our clients say

Quickest and easy divorce and support all the way

Im so graceful to self help divorce , my divorce was finalized quickly with no stress or hustle Jan was there for me all the way .

Thanks again


Thank you

This application is very simple I must say compared to the other one I did.

Thank you once again for you patience and guidance, divorce is not an easy exercise


Divorce granted on 10 October 2019

Thanks to your excellent documentation.  Presiding Officer was impressed with details. Thank you

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