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Easy, cost effective divorce

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Where do I get divorce papers from.

Where do I get divorce papers from

We will draft your divorce papers for you, all documents are reviewed by a divorce attorney.


You will qualify for a Diy Divorce if:

  1. Both the parties live in South Africa;
  2. You and your spouse agree on the settlement terms;
  3. No disputes regarding your children;
  4. If you and your spouse do not have immovable property registered on your names;
  5. You are willing to do all the admin yourself;

How do you start

  • Register with us
  • We will send you a quotation for R950-00
  • You can accept or decline
  • If you accept we will provide you with an invoice
  • Make payment and complete form 1 and 2
  • We will then start with the drafting of your divorce pack


What will you get

  • Summons and particulars of claim drafted by an attorney;
  • Deed of settlement based on your requirements;
  • Family Advocate affidavit ( If you have Minor children);
  • Statistic form to complete;
  • Step by step process to follow;
  • Telephonic support to assist you;
  • You will receive the divorce pack within 48H.

Why do I want to do a Self Help Divorce

  • Cost effective;
  • You have control over the process;
  • All documents are drafted by an a divorce attorney;
  • We will forward to you to review documentation and we will make changes at no extra cost;
  • Step by step process to follow;


What our clients say

Quickest and easy divorce and support all the way

Im so graceful to self help divorce , my divorce was finalized quickly with no stress or hustle Jan was there for me all the way .

Thanks again


Thank you

This application is very simple I must say compared to the other one I did.

Thank you once again for you patience and guidance, divorce is not an easy exercise


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