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You can also download Edictal Citation Form

You can download Edictal Citation form and complete offline, when you are done you can mail to jan@jcpretorius.co.za

Complete online form – Edictal Citation when your spouse residing in another country

Plaintiff Information


Children Info

Mariage information

Settlement Agreement

  • Plaintiff Information
  • Defendant Information
  • Children Information
  • Marriage Information
  • Settlement Agreement

Plaintiff Information

Do you know where your spouse is and how he/she can be contacted?

Are both spouses in agreement on the terms of the divorce?

Have you agreed on the maintenance of the children (if Applicable)




ID Number


Name of Employer


Defendant Information



ID Number



Name Of Employer


Children Information

Number of children born from the marriage

Full Names, Gender, Date of Birth, Age of each child

With whom are the children/child currently residing.

Who will keep care and contact of the minor children?

State the maintenance amount to be paid to each minor child

Visitation rights (example, 2 weekends p/month and 2 school holidays p/year)

Medical Aid

Any other information you wish to add?

Medical Costs Not Covered by the Medical Aid?

Who will be responsible for the school fees?

Any other information you wish to add?

Details of Marriage

Date of Marriage

Place of Marriage

How are you Married

Reasons for Divorce

Any reasons not mentioned

Settlement Agreement

Physical address of all properties, registered in whose name & who will retain ownership.

List all movable assets and which party will keep such asset

Please specify any other particulars that should be included in the settlement (if any).


Plaintiff to declare pension/provident fund /policies and annuities

Does the Defendant lay claim on any of it?

Defendant to declare pension/provident fund/policies and annuities

Does the Plaintiff lay claim on any of it?

Any other matters not dealt with?

Documents to Upload

Marriage Certificate

Antenuptial / Prenuptial Contract

Identity Document

Proof of Residence

Any other documents relevant