Attorney Assisted Divorce

Divorce may cloud your judgement not ours



Attorney Assisted Divorce

The Process

Filing for divorce with Attorney Assisted Divorce

Do you want to proceed with your divorce? The emotional and financial impact on you can be vast.

We will assist you from start to finish to finalise your divorce in an affordable way as swiftly as possible.

  • Easy process to follow;
  • You can complete online application form;
  • Process takes about 6 weeks to finalise;
  • We will draft all divorce papers for you and file for your divorce;
  • We will do all the admin for you;
  • Issue Summons;
  • Serve on the Defendant;
  • Do the index and paginate;
  • Prepare all court documents for final enrolment;
  • Appoint an Advocate to represent you in court;
  • Process takes about 10 minutes in court if uncontested;
  • You only have to appear in court;
  • No Face to face consultation;
  • We do divorces in the whole of South Africa;
  • We will get the decree of divorce for you within 2 weeks after the order has been granted.

Our Fidelity Fund Certificate

We are a member of the Legal Practise Council, previously known as the Law Society.

We adhere to all the regulations and legislation as an admitted attorney in the High Court and are obliged to practise subject to the provisions of the Legal Practice Act, 28 of 2014.

Attorney Assisted Divorce

Easy online form to complete, we will do all the work for you. Divorce can be completed in 6 – 8 weeks.