We offer an Online DIY Service, all divorce papers are drafted by a divorce lawyer to your individual requirements. You complete an online divorce form and we will draft your divorce pack for you.

Before we release your documents it is checked by a divorce lawyer at JC Pretorius & Ass Inc.

We have finalised many divorces at a fraction of the cost, you do not have to pay expensive fees to lawyers to conclude and finalise your divorce.

The first thing we did was to simplify the divorce paperwork and help you to concentrate on what really matters.

Divorce in 3 easy steps to follow

  1. Complete our easy online divorce form
  2. Receive Inv, Pay in our Trust Account
  3. Get Divorce pack with all documents you need, instructions to follow and go to Court.

Online Divorce

The divorce process and drafting of divorce documents can be a difficult process. Therefore, we will do look at the best options for your current situation and will look at all the divorce legislation for you to give you the best  advise how to follow the process by complete out online divorce form.



The easy way out