Do you want to get divorced? Lawyer fees to expensive. If you need a solution to get divorced, Diy divorce is your answer.

Doing your own divorce might be an option when:

  • Your Divorce is uncontested
  • Your Divorce is not complicated
  • You don't have substantial assets to divide
  • There are no disputes regarding the minor children
  • You are prepared to do all the admin yourself

Get Divorced for only  R950

By providing you with drafted court documents drafted by a divorce lawyer and guidance of a step-by-step guide in obtaining a divorce order.

Steps to Follow

Complete DIY Application Form

You will receive quotation from us, and instructions to follow.Step by Step.

Drafting your Divorce Pack

Your divorce pack in the drafting process, and we will make changes as per your requirements

Receive draft documents

You will receive your divorce pack within 48H, no generic forms drafted by an attorney

Thank you for all the advice and assistance. Divorce completed in 5 weeks

DIY Divorce for R950-00

Complete online Application Form, you are under no obligation.