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Legal Advice

We can provide you with legal advice and assistance on various  legal matters including the Following.

Legal matters can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the best legal advice so that you can make an informed decision before proceeding.

Divorce Matters

Divorce can be one of the biggest changing events in your life. Therefore get the best advise on process to follow.

We have 3 options available to assist you to proceed with your divorce.




We can provide you with the best legal advice how to proceed saving you cost and time.

We are ready and available to assist you with any advise you may require and best options available for your unique circumstances.



Do you have financial contraints in your personal capacity or does your busniness have financial distress due to various reasons.

The word liquidation is applicable when a company is insolvent. This remedy is entrenced in our company law, act 79 of 2018 as amended also regulated by the insolvency act 24 of 1936

Although the process is set and manage by the Master of the High Court, there are aspect pertaining to the process which are unique for each company.

Contact  us to look for the best Legal Advice and solutions to your unique circumstances.


Business Rescue

Your Company is in financial distress due to the following:

  • Financial difficulties experience in current economic environment;
  • High cost of current operational expenses;
  • The Financial contraints in the industry you operating in;

The Company is of the opinion that there is a reasonable prospect of rescuing the business

Then then Company can applies for voluntary Business Rescue in terms of Chapter 6 of the Act. We can assist you with the process and legal advice.



We can provide you with Legal Advice on various labour matters.

  • Labour Court Applications;
  • Enforcement of rewards;
  • CCMA matters;
  • Unfair Labour Practices;
  • Disciplinary Hearings.

It is a general misconception that the Labour Court has jurisdiction over all “labour matters”

Generally speaking unfair dismissals and unfair labour practice disputes will have to be adjudicated by the CCMA. Contact us for the best Legal Advice, on your current labour issue.



We will provide you with the best Legal Advise on general litigation in the High Court and Magistrate Court.

You can trust in us, as we are fully conversant with the Rules of Court. Therefore know the how to best advance our client’s rights.

As a general rule, if the claim is for more than R400 000, the claim will be instituted in the High Court.

Generally speaking, each province has its own High Court.

In General if a claim is for less than R400 000 the claim will be instituted in the Magistrate’s Court. We will provide you with the best legal advice.


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